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Other tool-chains?

We were wondering if the framework of this very nice plug-in can be used for tool-chains unlike avr microcontrollers (for example 68k/68hc11 gcc). Can we download and analyse the resources? With the documentation of the avr-plugin and some support of his designer(s) maybe our students can fill up this wish (nice project!).

Wijnand Nijs, Lecturer Digital System Design

Hi Nijs,
creating a new wiki page is probably not the best way to get support, because I didn't see your page for some time (Email notification does not work on this wiki due to constraints by SourceForge, which hosts this wiki).
Using one of the methods in the "Support" navigation link on the left side is probably better.
However, to answer your questions:
1. When starting the project, I always had other toolchains in mind. However, due to time constraints on my side I have dropped this somewhat and instead focused on the AVR exclusively. This is partly because of the "Part Description Files" from Atmel - XML files describing each AVR processor in great detail - on which some (but not all) of the advanced plugin features depend. If you are just interested in integrating an 68k/68hc11 toolchain, then take a look at the plugin.xml file, which contains most of the toolchain integration.
2. The resources for the plugin are all in the SourceForge SVN repository for this project. Feel free to download, analyse and modify as much as you want.
3. Sure, if you have any questions just go ahead. I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities.
--Innot 10:42, 9 November 2008 (UTC)
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