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This is the changelog for the AVR Eclipse Plugin. It contains the changes for each official release. Please note that the changelogs for Beta releases are replaced by the changelog for the stable version once it has been released.


Version 2.4.0

Release Date: 02 December 2011 (beta)

Changed / Improved:
* S/R 3248913: Changed the license of the Plugin from the GPL to the EPL
               (Eclipse Public License) so that the plugin can be bundled
               and distributed together with Eclipse.
* Fuse description files updated to AVR Studio 5.0.1223

* Bug 3417812: NullPointerExeption with AVRDeviceExplorer
* Bug 3366241: avrdude "operation not permitted" error.
* Bug 3304786: Symbols not found
               The whole Symbol Discovery mess should now work correctly,
               i.e. changing the MCU will clear all cached Paths and Symbols
               and will rerun both Discovery and the indexer.

Version 2.3.4

Release Date: 07 August 2010

Changed / Improved:
* F/R 2905839: Upload Project To Target Device from any point in Project

* Bug 3023718: Errors when working with XMega MCUs
* Bug 2872447: getWinAVRBasePath throws exception on Vista 64 (finally)

Version 2.3.3

Release Date: 01 July 2010

* Bug 3023252: NullPointerException when opening the Properties of a "Makefile" 
               AVR-GCC Toolchain project.

Version 2.3.2

Release Date: 29 June 2010

Changed / Improved:
* Fuse description files updated to AVR Tools Build 700 (4.18 SP2)
* Bug 2485661: Added a new Assembler tool settings option for assembler specific
               paths (-Wa,-I)
* gnu99 language standard now default for new projects
* Plugin download is now a P2 repository which can be installed via "Install New Software..."
* Bug 2453936: AVR specific GUI Elements visible in all Perspectives
* Bug 2453946: ClassCastExceptions / [All Configurations]
               Partial fix -- no Exceptions anymore but MultiConfig still not supported
* Bug 2454094: Remove AVRDude settings from static library projects
* Bug 2494131: Invalid optional paths block the Paths Preference page
* Bug 2715567: Tool Settings: Assembler Debug Format not inhibited
* Bug 2872447: getWinAVRBasePath throws exception on Vista 64
* avr/io.h parser updated for recent changes in the avr/io.h format

Version 2.3.0

Release Date: 2 December 2008

* Support for Fuses / LockBits files
  - Two new wizards to create fuse and lockbit files (New -> Other -> AVR -> ....)
  - An editor to edit these files.
  - The files can be selected as the fuses / lockbits source on the AVRDude property
    Fuses / Lockbits pages.

* Detailed preview of the selected fuse bytes on the project 
  AVRDude property Fuses / Lockbits pages. 

Changed / Improved:
* ATXmega processors are now fully supported. (Except for the upload with 
  avrdude because avrdude 5.5 does not yet support the ATXmega line.)
* The AVRDude project properties now have a new field "other options" to add
  avrdude options not supported by the plugin. (As of version 2.3 the plugin
  supports all options for avrdude version 5.5).

* Improved path handling.
  All system paths are now saved in a persistent cache, so they need to be
  searched only once. 
  By default the plugin will still search all paths at startup, but this can
  be inhibited on the AVR preference page. Once inhibited any system 
  reconfigurations (like a new avr-gcc toolchain in a different directory) 
  are not automatically recognized any more.
  In this case the new "Rescan" button on the AVR path preferences can be 
  used to look for the new path.
  Improved since 2.3 Beta 1

* "Upload to Target Hardware" method now uploads all memory segments with one call
  to avrdude. This should speed up the upload significantly for most configurations.
* Fuse description files now based on AVR Tools 4.15 Build 623

* Updated links to the datasheets.


* Bug 1962594: Searching for System Paths slow on Linux.
  See above for a description of the fix.

* Bug 2008171: Build System ignores .c files in C++ project - Fixed.
* Bug 2011424: Added a descriptive error message when the build directory is
  not valid.
* Bug 2020689: avrdude option -D (Disable auto erase for flash) missing.
  Fixed: added option to inhibit auto erase. 
* Bug 2050945: Read Back of "Enable Individual Settings ..."
  Fixed: removed internal caching of project setting.
* Bug 2071415: Timing issue with USB / AVR Dragon
  Fixed by adding a user selectable delay between avrdude programming calls.
  The value is set on the Programmer Configuration dialog
  (Window -> Preferences -> AVR -> AVRDude -> Programmer configurations -> Edit...)
* Signature based autorecognition of attached MCU will now use the MCU with the shortest
  name when multiple MCUs share the same signature (e.g. ATmega169 / ATmega169P).
  This makes working with the AVR Butterfly easier.

  Fixed since 2.3 Beta 1:
* Bug 2136888: Custom path to avrdude executable not honored in build.
  Fixed: The build process now takes custom avrdude paths into account.
* Bug 2347110: AVRDude "Upload to target hardware" fails silently when the project
  name contains an "-U".

Version 2.2.0

Release Date: 18 June 2008

* AVRDude support
  - A list of Programmers can be managed via the AVRDude preferences.
  - AVRDude project properties to set all properties.
  - (optional) avrdude tool in toolchain to auto-upload the project whenever the project is build.
  - "Upload Project to Device" action in the project context menu to manually upload with avrdude.
  - Optional upload via toolbar action or hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+U on Windows) (not in 2.2beta1)
* Target Hardware properties can now also be defined per build configuration.
  - Enable in the project properties on the AVR page.

* Supported MCU View
  - Show a list of all MCUs supported by the plugin and various subsystems like gcc and avrdude.
  - Clickable hyperlinks to the Atmel datasheets for most MCUs.
  - Open with "Window > Show View -> Other... -> AVR -> AVR Supported MCUs"

Changed / Improved:
* AVR Device Explorer
  The Device Explorer is now a "Selection Listener" and "Selection Provider".
  When selecting a AVR project or a text which starts with a valid MCU name,
  the associated MCU information is shown in the Device Explorer

* Build variables
  The build variables defined by the plugin (e.g. ${AVRTARGETMCU} and ${AVRTARGETFCPU}) can now 
  have an optional argument to read the value from a different project or build configuration.
  Example: ${AVRTARGETMCU:project01/release} gets the target mcu of the "release" configuration of 
           project "project01".

* Changed since 2.2beta1:
  - Most of the user documentation updated to 2.2 incl. a tutorial on how to use avrdude.
    Some features are still lack a user documentation (will be completed in one of the next releases)
  - List of datasheets, signatures, fusebytes and lockbits updated to AVR Studio Build 589
    (ATXmega MCUs only partially supported -- no fusebytes/Lockbits yet)

* Windows: Now the last installed version of winAVR is used when multiple winAVR
  versions are installed
* Multiple failures when some / all of the paths were invalid. Fixed and replaced by error messages.
* Fixed since 2.2beta1:
  - Plugin did not parse programmer ids with "-" or "_" from avrdude output (Bug 1984307)
  - AVR popup menu was not shown in C/C++ Explorer

Version 2.1.1

Release Date: 23 March 2008

* Bug 1892250: Error when showing the "AVR Target Hardware" Properties
* Bug 1911201: No MCU Target Hardware options for Library Projects

Version 2.1.0

Release Date: 10 February 2008

* C++ Support
  - Added C++ Compiler and C++ Linker to the toolchain. 
    (Feature Request 1861864)

* AVR Paths preference page
  - New preference page to manage the paths to the avr-gcc toolchain.

* Project Update Converter. 
  - Selectable via "Convert to..." in the project context menu.
  - Updates the project to most changes for version 2.1

* List of supported MCU types determined at runtime.
  - The plugin executes "avr-gcc --target-help" to get a list of all AVR target 
    processors the selected avr-gcc toolchain support.

* Added an AVR Project Nature.
  - Applied to all projects created with the new project wizard, and old projects 
    updated with the project converter. 
  - Restricts AVR GUI Elements to AVR Projects. 
* Added ScannerConfigurationDiscoveryProfile(s)
  - avr-gcc build-in include paths and symbols are now correctly discovered
    (Feature Request 1861866)

Changed / Improved:
* Target Hardware settings are now project settings. They apply to all Build Configurations
  (Feature Requests 1861874 / 1751707)

* Assembler Tool
  - Added Dependency Calculator to the input. Dependencies on .h header files are now handled.
  - Changed Debug format option to default "stabs" (the only format avr-gas can produce)

* Compiler Tool
  - Changed to a working Dependency Calculator. Dependencies are now correctly handled
    during the build process.
  - Changed Debug format to default "stabs". "stabs" and "dwarf-2" have new descriptive texts.
    Thanks to Jörg Wünsch for explaining the debug format options
  - removed -ggdb option because I don't really know what it does (mail me if you actually need this)
  - included the same options as mfile (avr-gcc makefile generator)
    + Added "-fpack-struct" and "-fshort-enums" options to the optimization flags.
    + Added "-funsigned-char" and "-funsigned-bitfields" to the language flags
  - -c (compile only) option now build in and not required under "other options".
    This was actually changed for 2.0.1, but I forgot to document it.
  - "UL" appended to the F_CPU value passed to the compiler (same behaviour as mfile)

* Additional Tools
  - Handling of additional Tools now done via <enablement> instead of manipulating 
    ManagedBuildSystem internals. (=> Order of Add. Tools is now fixed and cannot
    be changed)

* Documentation
  - Updated and slightly increased

* All Tools
  - Changed toolnames from "winAVR ..." to "AVR ..." (Bug 1861870)

* Compiler Tool
  - Missing Compiler Options are fixed by the project update converter (Bug 1861293)

* Linker Tool
  - Changed default map filename to ${BuildArtifactFileBaseName}.map (Bug 1867615)

* Size Tool
  - Determine at runtime if "--format=avr" option is available and only use it if it is supported.

* AVR Device Explorer
  - Now displays an error message box on errors reading the <avr/io.h> file (Bug 1860840)

Version 2.0.1

Release Date: 29 December 2007

The main point of this release is to fix the avr-size bug that made it impossible 
to use the Size tool on non-winAVR toolchains (Linux / MacOSX). Some other fixes
minor features are included as well.

* Assembler Tool
   - Added options to use preprocessor and for debug information
 * Compiler Tool
   - Added option to omit the F_CPU definition from the commandline
   - Added options for debug level and debug information format
   - Added option to select the language standard (Bug 1783023)
 * Size Tool
   - Added option to display size in hex

* Assembler Tool
   - Changed command from avr-as to avr-gcc to enable the preprocessor for assembler sources
   - Extended the org.eclipse.cdt.core.asmSource contentType to include (uppercase) .S files
* Size Tool
   - fixed the bug that -mcu was always passed on to commandline, regardless of format
   - Only the size formats applicable to the platform are shown
* Other
   - fixed wrong paths on non-Windows platforms, now looks in /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin.
     The whole path managment will be rewritten in 2.1

Version 2.0.0

Release Date: 27December 2007

This is the first offical release of the completely rewritten AVR Eclipse Plugin. 
The major changes to the last released version 20070813 are:

 * MCU Type and Clock Frequency set only once per configuration (request 1751707)
 * Debug and Release build Configurations
 * Application and Static Library build types (static lib not tested yet)
 * Builds hex, eep and lss files (user selectable)
 * Assembler integrated into toolchain. (request 1755284 / 1787770)
 * A new viewer to show some information about AVR processors (based on patch 1701653)
 * Basic documentation incl. a small tutorial on how to create a AVR application project
 * Works with CDT 4.0 / Eclipse 3.3 (CDT 3.0 / Eclipse 3.2 not supported anymore)
 * Optimize for size included in compiler options (bug 1772860)
 * Windows: Finds paths to the winAVR executables if they are not on the path.
 * LIBS and USER_OBJS included in the linking process.

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