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So you liked the AVR Eclipse plugin.

In this case I would appreciate if you could help in improving the plugin and spreading the word.


Add Features to the Plugin

If you know a bit of Java and are interested in learning how to programm Eclipse plugins you are welcome to build the plugin from the sources and help improving it.

The source to the plugin is well documented, as is the Eclipse API. Unfortunately the CDT plugin is not, requiring a lot of patience and wading through the CDT sourcecode to integrate with it.

Rate the Plugin

Rate this plugin @ Eclipse Plugin Central

If you are a registered user at any of the following sites you can rate the plugin there as well

Spread the Word

Help others find this plugin, e.g. by placing a link to in you blogs and in your message boards (but please no spamming).


If all of the above is not right for you then maybe you could make a donation. I will be using all (monetary) donations to buy some AVR related Hardware to test the plugin with more programmers (an STK600 would be nice to test the plugin with ATXmega processors).


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