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This page will be used for links to useful Eclipse and AVR resources.

Currently there is not much here, but feel free to add links (for example to your favorite site)


The Plugin

  • Tony Stram has written a nice step-by-step article on how to install and set up winAVR, Eclipse (Ganymede) and the plugin.
  • ScienceProg has a short article on how to set up the plugin.
  • Protostack has a tutorial on how to setup and use avr-eclipse, starting with a blank windows environment
  • More setup instructions by someone called Markus.
  • De.png Simon K├╝ppers has also written a short tutorial on how to install the AVR Eclipse plugin.
  • nooknikz has published a few videos on how to install and use the plugin.


  • If you have problems with Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tools), you might want to take a look at the CDT Wiki and especially at the new FAQ as well as the old FAQ.



  • The AVRFreaks site is sponsored by Atmel and is probably the most popular international website on AVR development.


Here is the place for links to good tutorials on how to programm AVR μprocessors.

  • De.png The AVR-GCC tutorial on mikrocontroller.net is the most comprehensive tutorial on AVR programming I have found on the net. Very instructive, but only available in german.
  • The avr-libc user manual has a lot of useful information on memory management and other in-depth topics regarding the avr gcc toolchain.
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