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If you have problems using the plugin, found a bug or have a great new idea for the plugin there are multiple ways to get support. I monitor all and try to give an answer as soon as possible. However, due to my daytime job, it might take a few days for a reaction.


Mailing List

There is a mailing list for the plugin. The mailing list is open to everyone - no SourceForge membership required.

SourceForge Forum

There is also a general forum for the plugin on the SourceForge project page. However, to post messages requires being logged in to SourceForge.

SourceForge Trackers

There are three issue trackers for the plugin on the project page.

For all three a SourceForge membership is only required to monitor items. New items can be added anonymously.

External Message Boards

If you can understand german, you could take a look at the GCC forum on I usually have a thread there for the current plugin version.

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