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2011-12-12 Updated Installation Instructions

The installation instructions on this wiki were quite outdated and have been brought up to date for the current Eclipse versions.

2011-12-02 AVR Eclipse Plugin 2.4.0 beta

A new Beta version has been released on Sourceforge. This version should fix the issues some users have running the plugin with Eclipse Indigo (3.7). Other than some small fixes and updates this release does not have any new features. Please note that the license has changed from the GPL to the EPL to enable bundling with Eclipse.

2011-08-01 Anonymous edits allowed again -- with CAPTCHAs

Blocking anonymous edits only brought some temporary relief. Now I am trying CAPTCHAs. I am starting with a simple CAPTCHA, but probably have to fall back to more complex ones once the spam starts to flow again.

2010-11-18 Anonymous edits blocked

Due to massive vandalism / spamming I had to block all anonymous edits (for a while). I hate to do this but I just don't have the time to rollback dozens of pages every day.
If you would like to contribute to this wiki you can either register or contact me ( thomas at innot dot de ) and I will do the edits for you.

2010-07-30 Version 2.3.4 released

This release fixes the long standing issues with running on 64bit Windows. Also XMegas are now fully supported (at least as far as the avr-gcc toolchain supports them). See the Download Plugin section on how to get the new version. Changelog

2010-07-30 Problems with Updatesite

The updatesite is currently not working as expected (Eclipse complaints about 'missing requirements' when installing from the update site).
Until this issue is fixed please download the plugin directly from SourceForge. Edit 2010/08/07: Problems should be solved with 2.3.4 release.

2010-06-23 Version 2.3.2 Beta 1

Some bugfixes and an update of the fuse/lockbits definition. The changelog contains the details. This Beta version is only available as a download from SourceForge. The download is a p2 repository, which can be installed via 'Install New Software...'

2008-12-06 Instructions on how to Debug AVR applications

I have added some instructions on how to configure Eclipse for debugging to this wiki. Take a look at the Debugging section if you have problems getting debugging to work with Eclipse.

2008-12-04 Version 2.3.1

Version 2.3.0 had a nasty bug which caused the plugin to fail completely for some users. Version 2.3.1 fixes this bug and is available on the update site and on the direct download page. No other changes except for this one bugfix.

2008-12-02 Version 2.3 released

Version 2.3 of the plugin has finally been released. Since 2.2 there have been some bug fixes and minor improvements, but most notably the AVR Eclipse plugin finally has a nice Fuse- and Lockbits editor to make manipulating these bits a piece of cake. Take a look at the what's new section of the user manual for a quick tour of this and the other new features. All other changes and fixes can be found in the changelog.

See the Download Plugin section on how to get the new version.

2008-09-15 First Beta of version 2.3 released

A first beta version of the upcoming 2.3 version has been released. This beta has all the planned features for 2.3, but the user manual has not yet been updated and it has not been thoroughly tested. It is only available as a direct download from Sourceforge, not on the update site.
See the Changelog for details.

2008-06-18 Version 2.2 released

This is a major release with new features and some bug fixes. Most notably is the full support for avrdude to upload projects to a target AVR MCU.
See the Release Notes for details or take a look at the What's new in 2.2 page from the user manual.

2008-02-10 Version 2.1 released

This is an intermediate release with both bug fixes and new features.
This release is not compatible with the 2.0 versions. To update projects created with a 2.0.x version, a project converter is available. To execute the converter right click on your project and select the "Convert To..." item.
See the Release Notes for details

2007-12-29 Version 2.0.1 released

This fixes the Size tool bug on non-winAVR toolchains. Also some more fixes and minor feature additions. See the Changelog for details.

2007-12-27 Version 2.0.0 released

This is the first release of the rewritten plugin.
See the Changelog for the changes to the last released version 20070813

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